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DRx Trichology – Have a “Good Hair Day” Everyday

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Dreamed of luscious and healthy locks? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! But don’t take it from us alone – let our DRx advocate, Liv share her review with you!


Before we get into the details of this blog, I want to tell you how happy I am to have found a solution to healthy hair. All of us want beautiful hair, but sometimes it can feel more frustrating than fun to use products that just don’t give us the results we want. I used to have shorter hair, but now it has grown past my shoulders half-way down my back. As my hair grows longer I am finding the ends get more and more tangly. As my hair is on the thinner side, I’d like volume. I wash it everyday because when I exercise and teach yoga because I get really sweaty. My hair will typically be oily again and I’ll need to wash it within 24 hours even after a salon wash and blow out. Washing my hair at home is a chore as I have tried every type of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair treatment or oil combination to no avail. My hair always seems to seems to be heavy on top with frizzy ends. Almost like I have two types of hair. Flat and frizzy.

What frustration!

I knew of the DRx Trichology practice for a while and admired them for their treatments for hair regrowth. They recently came out with a new line of products that I want to tell you about here. Even if you don’t think you will use the products I hope you find my tips useful:)


  • Prewash – Fragrance free and easy to use. I think the prewash is a game changer. The prewash removes build up and calcification from the scalp, so it must be sprayed directly on to the scalp. Divide little portions of hair and spray on scalp, rub in with finger tips until the entire scalp is complete. Finally massage the entire scalp with fingertips to make sure it is all absorbed before the next step, shampoo.

Tips: If you can’t get the back of the head, don’t worry. The top of the head is most important. This is a fuss-free process and and necessary to have a clean scalp in order for the serum to be absorbed.


  • Shampoo– only a single pump is enough to foam up my entire scalp.  It’s minty fresh and cooling. It doesn’t have added perfume to it to make it smell good. It just smells good on it’s own because of the plant ingredients.

Tips: don’t wash your ends. Just wash the scalp. If your hair is really dirty, shampoo it again. Two shampoos won’t dry it out as the ingredients are designed to revitalise.

  • Conditioner– Nourishing without being heavy. That means the hair is left soft and manageable with lasting volume. The conditioner is silicon and paraben free, meaning you are not layering chemicals falsely plumping your hair. You are welcome to condition from the roots to the tips.

Tips: I find the conditioner does not attach to the hair if it is soaking wet, so I wring out the excess moisture from the hair wash before applying conditioner. It absorbs better and I am able to finger comb my hair in the shower.

  • Serum – This will make your hair grow quicker, thicker, and healthier! Like the pre-wash, the serum must be applied directly on to the scalp. It is more readily absorbed when the hair is partially dry. I blow dry the roots first, then proceed to divide portions of hair to reveal the scalp and use the eye-dropper method to drip a single drop on to the area. Rub into the entire scalp with finger tips and then finish with a blow dry if necessary.

Tips: Make sure to only half dry the hair before applying. I add another hair oil to the roots after hair is completely dry for an all over sheen!


This routine has 2 additional steps that have been essential to achieving light-weight healthy hair quality. It may take a few more minutes to complete, butI don’t have to wash my hair every day now so in this sense I save time. I found that these extra few minutes spent on my hair helps me to maintain a regime that works and gives me results.

Click here to purchase if you wish to try it out or get a full personal introduction of our haircare by making an appointment with our DRx Trichology Centre here.


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