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Safe facial treatments without surgery from the DRx Clinic

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Yes: We know we should jump on the natural beauty bandwagon and embrace the imperfections that make us unique. But that is easier said than done for us mere mortals, especially when the mirror attacks us every morning with a vision of an increasingly saggy jawline, fine lines (that are swiftly turning into trenches) around our peepers, and skin that resembles a corpse-esque shade of grey. Victoria’s Secret models we ain’t. Despite the deterioration, we’ve never quite plucked up the courage to go under the knife for fear of it all going horribly wrong a la Jocelyn Wildenstein. Thankfully, there is a new wave of surgery-free treatments available here in Singapore that are non-invasive, super quick, and clinically proven to be safe. Let the experts at the DRx Clinic give you the skinny on its skin tightening and contouring Thermage treatment.




Thermage treatment involves using unique heating radiofrequency technology to send pulses of energy into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment area, and remodelling the collagen to stimulate it into self-production. Nope, we don’t understand exactly how that works either, but who cares about the science when you’ve got a face that is lookin’ just peachy and all firmed up?

The result

This nifty procedure will tighten up, rejuvenate, and contour your skin in one fell swoop. Say goodbye to droopy eyelids, fine lines, or face sagging; you’ll still look like you, just brighter-eyed and bushy-tailed – and you’ll stay that way for up to 12 months.

How long does it take?

It’s a non-surgical treatment, so expect to be in and out within one to two hours. No need to factor in recovery time either; face-lift in a lunch break? Game-changer.

How much?

The price of beauty doesn’t come cheap, and while Thermage treatment currently has a reduced price tag of $3900 onwards (RRP $4500), it’s still a hefty blow to the bank account. That said, this procedure is significantly cheaper than the invasive surgery option. Less pennies, less pain, and faster? It’s a no-brainer. 

Can DRx Medical fix anything else?

You bet’cha! Why not treat your barnet to a bit of TLC and frame that fresh new face with flowing locks. First-time clients can bag themselves a Purifying Hair Treatment session for a mere $88 should you quote ANY of our bloggers. Alternatively, if you purchase a full set of Derma-Rx Trichology products at $250, you’ll be able to choose between a free Purifying Scalp Treatment (designed to deep cleanse and revitalize your locks while promoting strong roots and healthy hair follicles) or a free Control Treatment that will balance itchy and flaky scalps. This raft of stellar deals will land you in the good books without breaking the bank.

The DRx Clinic, 302 Orchard Road, #16-01 Tong Building, Singapore, 238862, p. 6733 1555.

The DRx Medispa/Trichology Centre, 302 Orchard Road, #14-02/03 & 16-02 Tong Building, Singapore, 238862, p. 6733 1555.

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