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By CHELSIA TAN, Deputy editor

Achieving great skin is (actually) no tall order – it all starts with the right beauty regimen and products. Honeycombers Creative Services Deputy Editor, Chelsia Tan, tests a prescribed skincare regimen by The DRx Clinic
When it comes to all things beauty, the constant pursuit of perfection almost always involves going on endless trials in search for ideal skin care treatments. This can get especially trying if there is little or no breakthrough in solving your beauty issues (boo!). I’m no stranger to these hits and misses – lately, I’ve found myself stuck in a beauty rut. While I haven’t got any complaints about my existing skincare regimen yet, I was getting a little concerned about skin aging, since I’m fast approaching my 30s.

The problem

I have to admit: I didn’t know what to expect when I dropped by The DRx Clinic for my consultation; it wasn’t as if my complexion was crying for help – or so I thought. But according to Dr. Edwin Lim, an aesthetic doctor with the clinic, pigmentation caused by sun exposure was starting to set in, and there were a number of comedones on my forehead and temples, which are basically clogged pores caused by increased sebum production. The horror!
Lucky for me, it’s not too late to try to reverse the effects of excess melanin production or prevent those pesky comedones from developing into full-blown acne with the right products. Still, I wasn’t comfortable with ditching my current routine, so Dr. Edwin suggested augmenting my regimen with a specially-formulated skincare range developed by the clinic’s in-house scientists, to complement my dry and sensitive skin.


The prescribed Derma-Rx skincare range by Dr Edwin


The solution

I’m usually too lazy to slather on layers of cream, so my typical routine consists of only three to four products – well, no more skimping on my regimen! For night, Dr. Lim prescribed the Derma-Rx Comedone Formula that helps reduce new comedone formation and contains natural botanical extracts that’s supposed to keep sebum in check. The Derma-Rx Illuminator, a skin brightening serum that contains Resveratrol, is said to help protect against free radical damage and encourage cell renewal. This is followed by the Derma-Rx Intensive Lightener, that aids in reducing pigmentation by targeting melanin production at a cellular level while boosting your skin’s defense against UV damage and radiation, and the Derma-Rx Advanced Skin Renewal Serum, to combat visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. The ultralight Derma-Rx Hydrator contains Azulene, a herbal ingredient that helps soothes and moisturises my face, so my easily-irritated skin could get a breather.
But that’s not all. The complete routine also includes daytime application – it starts with the Derma-Rx Comedone Formula before moving on to the Derma-Rx Max-C, a formula containing Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant against free radicals, helps increase collagen production and suppress pigmentation of the skin, before finishing with the Derma-Rx Hydrator again.  

The verdict

I’m a stickler for keeping to a tried and true beauty regimen – why change what works for you? However, my consultation with Dr. Edwin changed everything I thought I knew about my skin. After testing out my new routine for more than a week, I looked more radiant and well-rested (even though I clock an average of six hours of sleep daily), and my skin no longer feels dry and tight. There were lesser comedones on my forehead, and while it would take a month before the appearance of sunspots on my cheeks gets reduced significantly, I was surprised to see that they were already starting to fade a little. Sure, I may not be giving my beauty regimen a complete overhaul anytime soon, but these new additions are definitely a keeper.

Special offer

Get a complimentary skin consultation or scalp analysis by certified medical doctors at all outlets under The DRx Group when you trade in unwanted bottles of skincare or haircare products in sizes of 30ml and above – this offer applies to any brands that you find ineffective to your beauty or haircare routine.
New customers can enjoy 30% off the three lowest-priced products. Plus, they will also receive samples of the Derma-Rx Hydrator and Soap Free Cleanser, free of charge!
The DRx Group has provided skin and hair care solutions by certified medical experts since 1999, and offers services spanning from hair and skin treatments that target blemishes, pigmentation and signs of aging, to hair rejuvenation and organic keratin therapy sessions for your scalp and tresses.
The DRx Clinic, #16-01 Tong Building, 302 Orchard Road, Singapore 238862, p 6733 1555


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