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Ultimate Glow LED Facial

Ultimate Glow LED Facial


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Don’t put up with troublesome skin any longer! Irradiating lights in 4 colour type and harnessing the various light wavelengths, skin treatment gives significant result to solve complicated skin problems.

RED Light Wavelength 640nm

• Lightens acne scars

• Aids in wound healing

• Regenerates skin cells

• Promotes blood circulation

• Stimulate collagen production

BLUE Light Wavelength 423nm

• Sterilizes acne bacteria to prevent skin infection

• Soothes skin irritation

• Suppresses sebaceous glands

GREEN Light Wavelength 532nm

• Provides soothing effects

• Activates toxin elimination

• Reduces skin sensitivity

• Relaxes both mind and body

YELLOW Light Wavelength 583nm

• Reduces skin redness

• Eases facial flushing

• Reduces appearance of spider veins

• Improves pigment lesion

Terms and Conditions

Only Available in DRx Aesthetics Mid Valley, Malaysia. 





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